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​​​​​​​​​​​HAND WOVEN RUGS

My handcrafted in Montana Rag Rugs are woven on heavy floor looms.  From small throw rugs to hallway runners to large area rugs,  widths can vary between 2' to nearly 12' while rug lengths can be whatever length you choose.  Patterns range from simple Tabby to Twills to geometric patterned "Ripsmatta" weaves.  Because each rug is handwoven by myself, I personnally  guarantee its workmanship and quality.  I also weave placemats and wool saddle blankets.
I presently have two looms for sale.   
The 65" (5.5') Macomber loom, 20H,  ($6500 obo) will produce intricately patterned table linens, fabrics, baby blankets, or other throws.
The 138" (11.6') Glimakra, 4H,  ( $10,000  obo)  has been used to weave tapestries, tightly woven wool saddle blankets and boundweave, warp-faced and weft-faced rugs.   See " Looms For Sale ".

I love texture and color.  With the detail of an artisan, I blend both texture and color to create the most appealing look.  With experienced craftsmanship I can construct a quality item of decor for you which is both durable and functional.  I most frequently use a four harness (Twill) construction.  The weft runs horizontal and the warp runs vertical and finishes off in a fringe.  The weft in our rugs is usually fabric scraps instead of yarns thus the term "Rag Rug".  However, the term "Rag Rug" doesn't do justice to my larger area rugs because of the patterns and materials I use.  Weft materials can be cotton including corduroy or denim, wool, synthetic blends and upholstery materials.  Warp threads can be poly cotton, orlon acrylique or wool.   
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