Handwoven area rugs to enhance the warmth and beauty of your home
We have an established rug weaving business for sale.  I have 3 looms left, all the accessories to the looms, a 10x10 booth set up, warp, yarn, wool and cotton fabric, selvage edge shaggy strips, dyes, dyepot.  I primarily market my rugs at Art Festivals throughout the west.  I've sold at Art Festivals since 1983. I also work with interior designers on specific projects.  Presently I'm weaving saddle blankets for Avila Pro Shops.  I've established an online store at; however it is not presently stocked.  Store name YellowBayRugs

I have professional jury slides which are ZAPP formatted.  This slide format is being required at more and more high end art festivals for their jury process.  Also included are computer saved patterns for rugs.  Both the jury slides and rug patterns will provide a good foundation for the first year, giving the new owner time to develop their own weaving styles and marketing directions.  This is a business a novice can step into and immediately begin making money.  I did it - so can you.  

My remaining 3 looms are all air-powered and an air compressor is noisy.  Our compressor is located in an insulated closet in the shop.  The compressor can't be outside.  (It won't start in the winter if it's cold.)
Good lighting is extremely important.  We use special full spectrum flourescent bulbs purchased through a local independent lighting dealer.  Our shop has no windows.  Sunlight is too variable.

Each of these looms has also been modified.  Let's put a value on these modifications.  If you're going to make a living weaving, and you have a difficult to operate loom, you're living is going to be difficult.  If you have a loom that's easier to use your life will be easier.  These looms are much easier to use than a stock loom.  And they make a better rug.

The material inventory is negotiable.  Some of the material is very expensive so a huge savings is possible.  

Our business is located in a 24x35 workshop.  That's a little tight.  All the walls have shelves to hold the material.

Business Inventory                                                                  

12' AVL 8H Rug Loom;                                                                                
11 1/2' 4H Glimakra
64" 20H MaComber and sliding seat bench

Light Dome Canopy 10x10,    
     Zippered side curtains and front awning and side rails.
1 stainless steel Dye Pots; propane fired                                                      Dye
6 Flourescent Full Spectrum fixtures, various lengths

Wool fabric  approx.     180# 
Warp inventory - 
     cotton, cotton-poly, orlon acrylique, nylon     approx. 850#         
Wool Yarn                                                                                                         
Cotton corduroy, denim and cotton fabric   approx. 960#
Shaggy selvage strips   approx. 1500# 
Gabardine and crepe wool fabric   approx. 360# 
Reeds  (12 reeds in various sizes)
Air compressors  (2 are available)
1 Wooden grooved track for AVL and Glimakra  
       12 foot Track
Parts, pieces for all looms
Rug backing supplies
3  Wooden Temples    36" x 62",  61" x 113",  85" x 159"       
6  wooden rag shuttles   36" long    @  $15.00     

Stair rods, samples of rods we used in installations.
metal racks for hanging ripped material
Catalogs - suppliers, festival lists, weaving books, magazines, patterns
Jury slides
Video tapes, instruction-general weaving theory & also assembly and 
     use of each loom
Heddles -  All the looms have maximum numbers of metal heddles

​                                            $20,000

This loom has eight harnesses.  Any one or all can be raised so designs are endless.   The basic loom sells for  around $22,000 +.   The following improvements would cost about $12,000.  The original brake system was a wood pulley with a steel cable.  It slipped so we replaced it with metal gears and air-powered dogs that securely lock the thread beam.  We replaced the original 3" beams with 6" steel beams.  We replaced the wood-chain dobby with a computer. The software is ProWeave.  Air power on the harnesses/no treadles.  There are two sectional thread beams so you can weave with two warps.  We also added a foot switch controlled gear motor on the warp beam and air cylinders to the beater so you can weave a firm rug.  Weaving is effortless with a wonderful shed.
There is room for four more harnesses which we are planning to do.  
A set of designs and warp/weft combinations using the same warp-up make a wholesale offering to interior designer showrooms easier.  
Included are 12.5, 12, 10, 8, 8, 6.5, 5 dent reeds, extra heddles and several rag shuttles.
One person can easily warp and weave on this machine.  You don't need hired help.  


This Glimakra loom is unique.  Glimakra isn’t making them anymore. The loom is massive and made in Sweden.  Shipping it here is expensive and the market is limited.  New price would be at least $25,000.  In addition to the original Swedish quality craftsmanship, our loom has been modified by a previous weaver in Texas who had a business weaving fancy show saddle blankets.  His modifications of air powered beater and harnesses plus steel harnesses and heddles make it easier for the production weaver. 
Four steel beams 6 ½” diameter
Overhead beater is a huge wood beam
The reed overall height is 9” to accommodate a huge shed.  The reed is 6 dent.
Beater and 4 harnesses are air powered.  Because of the air power on harnesses, you can weave patterns using one harness up, 3 harnesses down, (i.e. double corduroy pattern.)
Steel harnesses and metal heddles.
Four air controlled steel gear brakes all controlled by one air switch at the front.
Foot switch controlled gear motor on the warp beam.  One person can warp the loom section by section.
This loom has been used for tapestries and tightly woven wool saddle blankets. We have also woven boundweave and double corduroy rugs on it.  
The air power beater makes an extremely tight rug with minimal effort from the weaver.
One person can warp and weave on this loom.  You don't need hired help 
This loom would be the ideal piece of equipment for the weaver with a saddle blanket business.



This loom has 20 harnesses and has a computerized air system to create the harness patterns plus a power cloth advance.  The computer controls air lines to the harnesses to provide the sheds of the pattern.  It's a PC computer system, so you would need a PC software weaving program.  I use ProWeave.  
The MaComber has two switches on the beater that change the shed in sync with the beater operation, so an experienced weaver develops a rhythm of throwing the shuttle and beating without thinking about changing the shed.  
Included are 12.5, 12, 10, and 8 dent reeds
1" Sectional beam. 
Sliding bench
Numerous boat shuttles and bobbins. 
This loom will produce intricately patterned table linens, baby blankets, colonial replicas, or other fabrics.

10 X 10      With four zipper side panels and front awning.
Rails, rug display racks, wood desk, directors chair, foot stools, handtruck, indoor/outdoor carpets for the booth floor, corner weights, miscellaneous signs, tools, etc.  
Replacement costs on all these accessories would be at least $500.
New price for a Light Dome with 4 zipper sides, 2' front awning  and zipper carry bag is $950.  This doesn't include shipping which would be approx. $100
Canopy sells with the looms.  

Stainless steel dyepot on wheels (easily moved)   
Heated by propane.
Bottom drain spout.
***​Not available for sale until both large rug looms have sold.***
37 gal  $275
There are a total of 12 reeds.  Subtracting 1 reed for three looms leaves an additional 9 reeds.  The new price to replace these reeds would be $1.30 per running inch.  Gowdey Reed Company -  401-723-6114 .  Thus a reed which is 102" long would cost $132.60.  To replace these 9 reeds would cost a minimum of $1200 not including shipping.  
A variety of reed dent sizes allows flexibility in pattern design.         

1- 6 dent reed     138"

1​-12    dent reed       65"
1​-12.5 dent reed       62"
1-10    dent reed       62"
1- 8     dent reed       62"

1-12.5 dent reed     102"
1-12    dent reed     140"
1-10    dent reed     147"
1- 8     dent reed     147"
1- 8     dent reed     117"
1- 6.5  dent reed     137"
1- 5     dent reed     142"

A device to maintain the warp width as sleyed in the reed to prevent narrowing.

Wood Temples:

     36" x 62"
     61" x 113"
     85" x 159"
Note: Click on picture folarger view.

The dye inventory is procion dyes.  The majority of the jars are PRO MX Reactive dyes used for cotton, silk, rayon, linen and wool.  Pro MX Reactive dye is  versatile, permanent and easy to use.  There also are a few jars of PRO Washfast Acid Dye for wool yarns and fabrics.
***Not available for sale until both large rug looms have sold.*** 
Prices vary for each dye color so I averaged the price at $20/#.
27 - 1# jars    @ $20 = $540
 5  - 1/2# jars @ $10 =  $50
July 2014