Handwoven rugs to enhance the warmth and beauty of your home
Hi; I'm Cheryl Collins
      Welcome to my website.

In 1972 my husband, children and I came to Montana and purchased an old homestead in the Flathead Valley in northwestern Montana.  This historical acreage of original barns and log cabins would draw me into a career which I have pursued since 1981.

Handwoven rag rugs, a blend of nostalgia and history, bring forth memories of "Grandma" and those "good old days,"  when people chose to recycle resources such as worn-out clothing.  They used the scrap strips to weave functional and colorful floor coverings. Following in this tradition I weave rag rugs from strips of old and new scrap material such as denim, corduroy, and wool.

We have since moved but still live in NW Montana.  Enjoying the amazing natural beauty of Montana  makes me glad that my profession in a small way is environmentally friendly.

Over the years, my rugs and loom equipment have become more sophisticated.  I can weave large area rugs to 11 1/2' wide and any length on either my AVL or Glimakra floor looms.  My hand woven area rugs look equally lovely on stone or wood floors.  All of my loom-woven rugs have a "chameleon" effect - they look great in any home and in any decor. Perhaps it's the warmth of fabric and texture that enhance the beauty of the home.

I love texture and color.  With the detail of an artisan, I blend both texture and color to create the most appealing look.  With experienced craftsmanship I can construct a quality item of decor for you which is both durable and functional.  Because each rug is handwoven by myself, I personally guarantee its workmanship and quality.

My handcrafted in Montana rugs are woven on heavy floor looms in varying widths to 12 feet.    To talk to me about specific dimensions, styles and colors call 406-883-3272.

Presently, I am also weaving sturdy, thick, all wool saddle blankets for     Our durable construction techniques and materials are among the finest in the United States.

Please check my "Looms for Sale" page.  
For sale:  AVL 12' Rug Loom and 138" Glimakra Floor Loom.